The decision of which law firm or attorney to hire is one of the most critical decisions you will make and South Florida divorce attorney, Ashley Carreras, is prepared to help you through every phase of the legal process.

Divorce Lawyer

When going through a divorce, you need a legal team to provide steady guidance and to strongly advocate on your behalf. Attorney Ashley Carreras provides compassionate legal service during this stressful time.

In the state of Florida, fault is no longer a requirement for a dissolution of marriage. Divorces in Florida are either contested (when you and your spouse have not come to an agreement on your own), or uncontested (meaning you and your spouse have agreed on all issues required to finalize your divorce).

Although contested divorces are more complicated, Attorney Carreras is here for you to walk you through the process.

Paternity & Child Support

At Carreras Law we understand the importance of establishing your rights to custody or support. In most cases involving petitions to establish paternity, the most important aspect of the paternity case is to establish either child visitation or child support, or both.

A petition to establish paternity can be filed for many reasons by both mothers and fathers. Issues involving paternity include; time sharing, child support, parental responsibility, and decision making authority.

Attorney Carreras has the experience, resources, and skills required to provide you with personalized, empathetic, and compassionate representation in your Paternity action.

Parental Relocation Disputes

If parents are involved in a divorce or paternity action, parents cannot relocate with their children more than 50 miles from their residence without the written permission of the other parent or court order.

If you are considering relocating, it is important that you have an attorney by your side that understands this very specific area of the law. There are many factors that the court will take into consideration when ruling on a Petition for Relocation.

Post Judgment Modifications Enforcement

Once your Florida divorce or paternity case is finalized, you may think that your case ends there. However, there will be situations that require you to consider a post-judgment modification. Post-judgment modifications can include; modification of child support, Timesharing, alimony, etc.

If your ex is not complying with a court, their actions may warrant a post-judgment enforcement action. The court can enforce the order in a number of ways, including through civil contempt and incarceration, wage garnishments, and intercepting tax refunds.